Updates in Emergency Medicine

This course was created after Dr John Cahill observed the tragic number of lives lost due to the lack of healthcare providers trained in the basic skills and principles of emergency medicine. The emergency medicine approach to the critically ill or trauma patient can greatly increase patient survival and positive outcomes. Basic emergency medical care is not expensive. A healthcare provider needs only to be equipped with the proper knowledge and some simple tools.

The goals of the course are: 1) to introduce the specialty of emergency medicine to healthcare providers, 2) to teach the basic essential principles and skills, 3) to develop a continuing collaboration between countries to further educational opportunities, and 4) to allow the global patient population to benefit from this exchange of knowledge. The textbook “Updates in Emergency Medicine” to accompany the course was edited by Dr. John Cahill and was published in 2002. Several thousand copies of this textbook have been distributed to attendees and medical libraries throughout the world. The course has been held in Ireland, Kenya, Thailand, and New York.

HIV/TB Program in West Pokot, Kenya

In 2004, the HIV/TB Center was created at Kapenguira District Hospital, Kenya. The goals of this center are to accurately diagnose and treat tuberculosis, expand and enhance HIV prevention, care, and treatment in the hospital, health centers, and surrounding communities. CGCHI fellows provide direct clinical care and education to the staff at the hospital. Funding for this program was established by partnering with Doctors of The World.

Global Health Fellowship

This fellowship supports individuals who have an interest in global health and have a specific project or collaboration in mind. The goal of these fellowships is to offer financial assistance to an individual who would otherwise not be able to pursue a project. It is the responsibility of the applicant to develop the specific project. However the project must be in line with the mission of the Center. Though most fellows have been in the healthcare profession, other disciplines and professions may be considered. All fellows are expected to submit a one to two page summary of their project/activity to the Center upon completion of their fellowship.

A total of ten fellowships are awarded per year for the amount ranging between $750 to $1,500 US Dollars.

If interested, click here to download a PDF version of the application.

Grants for Sustainability of Essential Programs & Services

These grants are given to institutions and not individuals. The purpose of these grants is to assist organizations in implementing new programs or to help sustain already existing programs in line with the mission of the Center. Funded programs must demonstrate an established infrastructure and the capability to become a self sufficent program in the near term.

The deadline for application is the first of July. For further information or to request an application, please contact the Center.

Ortum Girls Project

The Ortum Girls Project works to make secondary school education available to girls in and around the village of Ortum. The project is focused on one school. The goal is to keep the scope narrow and prepare female students to succeed in a modern, fast-changing world. Alumnae will be better-educated and more employable.

The village of Ortum is located in a region of Kenya known as West Pokot. All children can attend primary school free under Kenyan law, but the majority of families do not have enough money or access to send their children to secondary school. The school in the Ortum village is privately funded and costs about $1,500 per year, per student. The project offers scholarships to as many girls as possible on a sliding scale with the hope of eventually being able to help every deserving child enroll in secondary school.

The Ortum Girls Project helps to fund the cost of four years of secondary education for these young women. This project would not have been possible without the tremendous support from Mrs. Yoko Ax.

You can follow the Ortum Girls Project on Facebook.

> Read the Ortum Girls Project 2012 Newsletter (pdf)

Donors to The Ortum Girls Project

Amy Leitner Auster
Sarah Ax
Megan Ax
Yoko Ax
Ann Axel
Elisa Bildner
Andrew Black
John & Rachel Cahill
Kevin Cahill
Yumiko DeCarli
Carol Dettman
Ginger Elvin
James Fay
Patrica Fay
Sara Fay
Janina Fialkowska
Jane Frank
Nancy Freireich
Ara Guzelimian
Hae Young Ham
Patricia Handal
Karen Henegar
Linda Hohenfeld
Jill Jaffe

Margie Jassy
Rowain Kalichstein
Linda Katz
Young Uck Kim
Phylis Patti Klein
Ellyn Kusmin
Joan Lantz
Sharon Robinson Laredo
Howard Levi & Alexandra Avlonitis
Stephan Lynn
Elizabeth Maier
Carol Molesworth
Sandy Nath
Claire Reid
Diane Schubert
Laura Siegel
Jill Spiller
Yoko Takebe
Deepti Thomas
Thomas Troy
Lynne Verchere
Diane Walsh
Megan Zwerner